Autism and serotonin

Autistic Women Blog 2/7/2021 Originally posted on Spectrum Serotonin’s link to autism, explained Serotonin, the brain chemical best known for its link to depression, may also be involved in autism. Serotonin has many roles throughout the body, including in mood, sleep, appetite and sociability. In the intestines, it stimulates muscles involved in digestion; in theContinue reading “Autism and serotonin”

Personal account of going through ABA

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020 This interview is a really good watch. It gives a first hand account of going through ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) as a child. I know I learned a lot from watching it. I also appreciate some of the similarities I have with Jay Jay. She got me with the square pegContinue reading “Personal account of going through ABA”

Emotional Awareness Tool

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020 It can be hard sometimes to identify what you are feeling. Sometimes it’s just hard to express them even when you know what you are feeling. For this reason autistic people can sometimes be mistaken as being emotionless and robotic. Well, The Gottman Institute has a free printable emotion wheel. ThisContinue reading “Emotional Awareness Tool”

Autism Help Hotline

Autistic Women Blog 10/18/2020 The Autism Help Hotline webpage says that they can help you find resources in your area from anywhere in the world. If you are having a hard time finding help, they may be able to help you. Reach out to them. The more information you have, the more you canContinue reading “Autism Help Hotline”