Are you interested in being a contributor?

Autistic Women Blog 4/16/2021 Do you have a subject that you would like discussed on here? Do you have a story to tell? Would you like to regularly post on this blog? We are considering taking on contributors who have a post to share that aligns with the description in our about section. It willContinue reading “Are you interested in being a contributor?”

Autism and serotonin

Autistic Women Blog 2/7/2021 Originally posted on Spectrum Serotonin’s link to autism, explained Serotonin, the brain chemical best known for its link to depression, may also be involved in autism. Serotonin has many roles throughout the body, including in mood, sleep, appetite and sociability. In the intestines, it stimulates muscles involved in digestion; in theContinue reading “Autism and serotonin”

Great article by Spectrum

BY GEORGIA LOCKWOOD-ESTRIN  /  3 FEBRUARY 2021 Autism in girls: Jumping hurdles on the path to diagnosis An autism diagnosis can affect people in many different ways. For some, it can be negative and put up additional barriers to education and employment. For others, however, it can be positive and open the doors to the support that theyContinue reading “Great article by Spectrum”

“Weird” autistic habits

Autistic Women Blog 1/19/2021 I like this video. It discusses weird autistic traits as a child. I would add a few of my own “weird” traits. I chewed my nails until I was 21. I’ve only recently realized that I have an oral fixation. Another one would be living in a fantasy world in myContinue reading ““Weird” autistic habits”

Autistic Burnout, “Regression,” and Identity Crisis – #TaketheMaskOff Week 4

Originally posted on Autistic Science Person:
Part 1: Autistic Burnout – Playing on the Social Field Autistic burnout = I literally can’t pretend and devote 90% of my energy to being on your social playing field anymore. Metaphorically, I have to go lie down in the grass because I’ve played too many games on the…

Autistic Masking, Late Diagnosis, and Dissociation: The Toll It Takes on Autistic Mental Health

Originally posted on Autistic Science Person:
CW: Gaslighting, self-harm, intrusive thoughts (Long Post, Summary/Conclusion paragraph at the end) This blog post came about after having a dissociation episode after watching Westworld a few nights ago. This post has helped me realize the reason and cause of my dissociation, likely from being an undiagnosed autistic person…